April 19, 2019

Creating a Place for Your Physical and Mental Space

Oprah says the one question she asks every potential employee she interviews is, “What is your spiritual practice?”

She’s often said many people are caught off guard and flummoxed by the question. But there is no reason to be scared away by the word “spiritual” or “spirituality.” She explains that what she means is, “What do you do daily to take care of yourself?” That’s because Oprah wonders how the potential employee would take care of her business if he/she isn’t taking care of their well-being? No wonder why Madame O is queen of inspiring us all to live our best lives.

Taking care of yourself starts right when you wake up.

April 17, 2019

Bringing Nature Inside Your Home and Heart

One of my all-time favorite happy places is … anywhere in nature. The energy she emits. The calm. The natural design of Mother Nature cannot ever be compared to anything man or woman has made. Period.

April 15, 2019

One Question to Ask Yourself Before Tidying

If you don’t know who Marie Kondo is, what bed have you been hiding under? The super popular organizational expert’s mission to “spark joy” through tidying set off a plethora of purgers who learned how to say goodbye to the clutter and clothes that didn’t spark joy. In fact, thrift stores are bulging at the beams with donations, and some have even stopped accepting temporarily donations.

But before you say goodbye to that item that doesn’t spark tingly, emotional excitement, there’s one question your belongings and I are begging you to ask. If you’re being true to yourself when answering, it may set off a spiritual sparkle too:

April 12, 2019

How to Make Your Flowers Last Longer

How many of you are super excited when you treat yourself to flowers — either from the florist, farmers' market or grocery store? Good on you. I've talked about how to pick and arrange flowers, but what about making your flowers last longer?

I always love me a deal and want more for my money. Who doesn't? Here are some simple tips on getting more life out of your bodacious bundle of blossoms.

April 10, 2019

How to Arrange Flowers and Rearrange Your Life

A few weeks ago, I was invited to a Sunday brunch and thought it would be a lovely offering to give flowers, nature's gift of life, to a friend. I also decided to buy a few extra bunches to give as an offering to my home and myself, lol.

While arranging these flowers, I was surprised by the life lesson that blossomed. It was as if the flowers were talking to me saying, "How is this process helping you rearrange your life, Toan? Sharing is caring — I hope this epiphany will impact your life, too.

April 8, 2019

How to Pick Flowers and Things that Matter Most in Life

Flowers are like a gift to your home, yourself and your family. They're a simple, affordable luxury that bring life and great energy to your abode. Picking florals that excite you is very similar to picking furniture and decor that rises to meet your most fabulous self. Here's how:

April 5, 2019

How Candle Care Illuminates Self-Care

How many of you own a candle? Now, how many of you take care of your candles? Maybe I should start by asking you if you even know about Candle Care 101?

Candles literally light up a room and can, in the words of Marie Kondo, “spark joy.” I love how the delightful scent of a candle can liven up your space, change the energy and bring you into the present moment. But if you don't take care of your lovely light bearer, the wick could get wickedly yucky, dangerous, cost you money and burn time. Boo.

So, how should you take care of your candles?

April 3, 2019

Clear Bad Energy with Palo Santo, the ‘Holy Stick’

Holy moly, if you’re in need of clearing out bad juju, feeling stuck energy around your home or seeking to ward off bad spirits or bad energy, you need to get yourself a piece of this sacred wood called Palo Santo. Originally from South America, it is believed to have medicinal and healing properties. Churches, shaman and fabulous people in tune with their spiritual side use it to cleanse the space around them.

April 1, 2019

The Time is Now: Big Announcement from Go Inspire Go

Go Inspire Go is growin’ and changin’ y'all. And that’s thanks to YOU for inspiring me to constantly grow + be better + do better — for myself and for others — for more than a decade.

Today I’m inviting y’all to look inward, look outward and look beyond. There is beauty all around us — outside and inside — and you deserve to see and feel it (Lawd knows the world currently needs to see and feel more beauty to heal).

We’re now expanding with a Life + Style segment called Style Your Spirit.

OMGosh, I’m so excited.